Guys, do I have a chance at being wanted?

Guys, do I have a chance and stuff?

OK so I'm 5 ft not the skinniest girl or the prettiest or coolist, I have glasses and am only a C cup. I've been told that since I'm not the prettiest that that means I'm ugly and that if I'm ugly I'm worthless and should kill myself because no man wants an ugly girl. Is that true? I've also been told by men recently that since I don't give nudes or do anything like that that I don't deserve respect because I won't disrespect myself to please a man, is it true? Do I even have a chance at being wanted? Guys please be honest and thank you. The pics are of me


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  • " I've been told..."

    I am going to have to stop you there.
    Pluck those thoughts out of your mind cos that's fucking bullshit.

    "I've also been told..."
    WHO THE FUCK are saying shit like this?

    I refuse to believe that I live on the same planet as people who have thoughts like that.
    For those people I have this response to them.

    I think you look fine ! (well more than fine actually but let's keep it at fine lol)
    Yes , you have a chance to be wanted and no you don't have to disrespect yourself to please a man.

    What world is this?

    • PLEASE for the love of god tell me that's made up.
      If that's real then I REALLY need a reality check.

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    • Its real I kinda left out some stuff cuz I'm embarrassed by how they treat me and if i was wrong but yeah its all real

    • It'll be a shame if those people were to accidentally fall down a flight of stairs leading to hell I'll say.

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  • Wow, no, whatever guys you've been talking to suck. First off, you are not ugly. Not at all. Secondly, even if you WERE ugly, which you are NOT, you would still not be worthless. And you should definitely not want to kill yourself. That's terrible to tell someone. And completely not true. But none of that even matters, because you are not ugly anyways. You look like a perfectly normal young girl. Nothing wrong with your looks at all.

    As for the nudes thing... you were told the opposite of what is true. Not disrespecting yourself to please a man is how you show you respect yourself. And you are always worthy of respect, regardless of pictures or not. Whoever has been telling you this stuff has been lying to you completely, and trying to trick you into sending nudes. Don't do it.

    Yes, you have a chance at being wanted. You WILL be wanted, that's not even in question. You just need to stop listening to those people that are trying to bring you down and make you feel bad about yourself. That's just them trying to manipulate you and take advantage of you to make you do things you are not comfortable with.

  • First of all what makes a woman truly beautiful is her inner beauty. As far as I can see you look fine on the outside, you have had some fairly viscious criticism for not given nudes to guys. Be confident in yourself and acknowledge your own beauty then other peoples' views won't be important to you. We all feel vunerable somedays but other days you are happy with ourselves. Nobody is better than anybody else, you are a unique person and you are the only version of that person around which makes you a very special person indeed.

  • dont send nudes please lol, whoever told you that is an idiot
    i know plenty of dudes who would happily call you their gf

  • You are 15. Your looks will change. Don't send nudes, don't kill yourself. Be patient. Some guys like glasses

  • no what the fuck dont change and live on cause ur beautiful and ik u are too on the inside. "dont deserve respect cause u won't disrespect urself" bullshittest bullshit I've ever heard. "im ugly and that means im worthless and i should kill myself" bullshit again. please dont believe all the bs theyre throwing out at u. ur cute okay dont be so insecure;)

  • This girl is fucking beautiful

  • I'm not sure who told you those hurtful things, but none of it is true. The most hurtful comments tend to come from people who are actually jealous of you, believe it or not. Don't listen to any of the negative nonsense... You're a beautiful girl, and I'm sure you'll find a great guy when the time is right.

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