Would you date a girl with a 10/10 bod and nice face, but ugly teeth? Or a pretty face, perfect smile and just a nice body?

I want you to be honest. I'm on anon so yeah.
I have a pretty face and a really nice lower body. Honestly, I think I have a body worthy of being in a magazine. This is just because I work out so much and I think I have the right to be proud of my body. I'm not up myself, but I'm confident about my body. That's all.
But, I have an a cup size chest and really ugly teeth. They are clean and white, but my two front teeth stick out and protrude. Like a rabbit lol. Not just buck teeth, they actually protrude. Guys always look at me on the street, but I never talk to them because I'm shy about my teeth. I have a boyfriend who is very, very goodlooking, and he doesn't seem to mind them but I do.
I'm asking this question because I am getting a boob job and braces along with jaw surgery. I can only afford one each, and it will take me four years to afford each one, so I will be perfect in 8 years.
Which should I get first. I REALLY want the boob job because I'll have a nice, toned hourglass figure with a nice face but ugly teeth. If I get the braces and surgery first, I will have a great smile, but I'll be flat chested.
Which type of girl would you prefer?
Pretty smile, pretty face and a nice fit body?
Or pretty face, 10/10 body but buck teeth?
I don't know which to pay off first.

They look kind of like this picture I found on Google.
s23. photobucket. com/user/hawkerswife/media/archwired6. jpg. html
Front teeth stick out a little more. But you can't tell when my mouth is closed.


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  • Actually I think that boobs can wait. Take care of your teeth first. My teeth were bad in the past as well, I don't regret correcting them.

    • Yeah, that's what I think is the rational decision. But I want boobs so bad! The fake ones look so nice haha.
      What do you think of 20 year old girls with braces?

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    • That's good to know. :)

    • I hope it helps in your decision

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  • I would date both without a care in the world ^_^ BUT I wonder how your bod looks now since it's a 10/10... that's saying something. i1127.photobucket.com/.../..._MTE0NDA0MjA5NzM4.jpg

    • I love your pictures with your comments hahah
      Well, I'm not a 10/10. I think my body would be after breast implants. Right now, I'm probably an 8/10 body wise.

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    • Hahahah if they're lost it's just more entertaining for us anyway LOL

    • LOL True and it'll be more publicity for the asker's question

  • You got me very curious about what you look like now. Can you upload a picture please?


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