When did this become bad?

I like a clean shave and clean well fitted clothes and shower daily i brush my teeth and comb/gel my hair i work out daily to try to stay in shape when did this become bad? It seems now days women like the fat bearded slob who dips and wears the same dirty clothes


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  • It all depends on what you like for yourself. Personally I like the way you are. It shows that you have initiative for hygiene and for yourself in general. :)


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  • What? I haven't seen the whole fat bearded slob who wears dirty clothes get the girl. Unless it was a comedy show. I have seen good looking guys with the metrosexual beards. Like what Wize said about them getting the girls it's either extreme confidence or money. Possibly both.

    Personally I like the clean, and in shape look.

  • You must be hanging with the wrong women.

    • No i just live in a small city in texas there's a lot of country people

    • Think thats bad I live in a rural area near a small town might be 1500 people in Northern Ontario. I know the feeling.

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  • Keep doing what you're doing. The fat, bearded slob gets the ladies for one of two reasons: 1) He has a ridiculous amount of confidence, or 2) He's extremely rich. Dressing to the nines, taking care of yourself, and acting confident is where you want to be.

    • I've always cared about my appearance no im not one of those princess acting guys i just like being clean lol

    • Nothing wrong with that!

  • Where the fuck do you heard that from? I'm genuinely curious.

    Also, you should do all of those thing FOR YOURSELF FIRST. Not so you can attractive woman, that is only the bonus. This is the same as being nice to woman only so you can expect them to like you and shit.

    • Dude turn on a tv much? Look at all the tv shows look at the reality shows pick up a magazine every guys got a scraggly looking beard now and i do do this for myself if i did it for women id have a nasty looking beard and fat gut too

    • So let me get this straight. You get this from a tv show? Okay then.

      Even "reality" tv show have some amount of fake and staged as fuck. Don't be fool.

    • Tv shows magazines hell people walking around outside of course i live in Texas too

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