What are you wearing right now? Show off your outfits?

It's Friday (night where I am) , what are you wearing? A fancy dress or suite on your way out? Your PJ:s? Winter coat? Skirt? Or maybe a summer dress? Take a picture and show us!

I'm just chilling in my cozy leopard printed sweatpants and my sweatshirt :) it's pretty cold here still and I'm just at home.

https://i58. tinypic. com/66z310. jpg

https://i57. tinypic. com/bisbp5. jpg


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  • No stay ready for the weekend, I stay ready for action! 😌👇


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    • Lol nah I just watch like science channel and stuff cuz I like to learn, not trying to sound cocky but I get more than enough attention from women but I only want 1 gitl not 10 so I'm sure I'll find someone Thats not the problem, the problem is will it be someone I want or will I eventually just give in and settle for whomever comes along next judt to avoid ending up alone.. Haha but I've had many options and offers, (again not trying to sound cocky)... And I'm a man so I wouldn't expect us to have the same taste in movies lol I'm very physical and full of adrenaline and animosity as well so nearly everythinhlg I do requires you to be in good shape. My job is construction and also I'm a driver and I workout and bike ride for fun. But I like to learn that's why I hope my girl will be smarter than me, intelegence is attractive to me because I don't like teaching others. Only person I wouldn't mind teaching is my child, (whenever I have 1)😉

    • Lol chick flicks noooo!! Run!

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