Girls, first impressions (guess ethnicity, rate me, any flaws and suggestions)?

me with shorter hair (from 2 months ago):

1) https://i. imgur. com/0xs7mMo. png

2) https://i. imgur. com/b9aNXVt. png

3) https://i. imgur. com/U4LCVOn. png

me with longer hair (from cca a year ago):

1) https://i. imgur. com/wz1elCX. png

close up of eye and face

https://i. imgur. com/1s97AmA. jpg


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  • I'm guessing you're Russian/East Slavic.

    You're younger than 18 and I don't rate guys who are. (I rate females but that's because I think we're all pretty. Nothing sexist about it for those who want to cry out).

    The only "flaw" I see isn't one: it's a preference. You're not as muscular as I expect guys to be. But apparently, my expectations of "muscular" is perhaps unattainable.

    Short hair suits you.

    • hello!
      I am indeed east slavic! and I have just started hitting the gym :D thanks for your response!

  • you have asked this question many times lol