Spare a rate, mate?

I'm not just looking for compliments.

I mostly need to figure out if I should:
a. Work out a bit more
b. Get surgery
c. Become a famous musician
d. Definitely go to medical school

If I want to up my odds with girls.
And it helps to know where you stand in the first place. Thanks heaps.
Spare a rate, mate?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Honestly, you give off a homosexual vibe.
    Other than that you are an attractive man.

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    • It's probably because you're hot and a certain portion of the population wishes you were.

    • @TypicalHuman
      Still doesn't explain the girls thinking that though, bro.

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What Girls Said 2

  • I say 8/10!! And if you did a, c, and d, I don't think any girl could resist you!! :) Although being a famous musician and a med student would be quite difficult :p

    • The band Ella Sera was made up of all pre-med students and they were fantastic!

      Incidentally, they broke up because they all went their separate ways to medical school :(

  • you look above average, not exactly my type, but fine.
    you look quite built, and why in the world would you need surgery?
    med school/musician, up to you (though both sound fantastic)
    and i dont understand "where you stand in the first place" ?

    • lol, I'm being half sarcastic at that.

      I like making self-improvements.
      And it's nice to know where you stand physically so you can figure out what you need to work on, you know?

    • haha yeah i didn't think you would actually get surgery :P
      and yeah same about the improvement thing
      so where YOU stand... makes more sense, for a second i thought you were asking about the standing of the opinion owner!

    • Haha, nah.

      Yeah, I guess I should really watch my pronouns that way.

What Guys Said 2

  • Fu*k it Imma just say this "You look feminine/homo as hell" #IHadToSayIt Rate 5

    • lol, yeah. I get that a lot after a fresh shave.

      I did the beard thing though.
      I don't like looking like Action Hank.

    • You're like ME it seems, as in needing FACIAL HAIR on your face to look normal lolol. I never go clean shaven because I look like a fucking SHAVED monkey LOLOL.

      Sometimes I'll go "goatee. sideburns cut half way down like yours mixed with a mustache" That works good usually ^_^

    • I'll give it a thought.

      I've done the goatee before and I get mixed reactions from the gals.
      Very polarizing facial hair is.

  • you look... a little bit feminine bro...

    • haha, yeah. I'm getting that from the Bro's section of the responses.

      Which is odd. I always thought I had a really cavemannish face.
      Learn something new every day.

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    • I just gotta work on my Jaw game. Sheeeiit.

    • It's cool bro...
      I get mistaken for giving off the "gay" vibe and stuff sometimes too...
      It sucks but hey what you gonna do?

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