Acne and makeup unattractive?

so I'm really insecure due to my acne. I have mild acne but I do have more than usual and scarring and that makes me super insecure so I wear makeup. But then when I wear makeup I'm insecure because guys always say it's a turn off for a girl to wear makeup. I try to wear the least I can and some people say they can't tell I'm wearing makeup which could be lies to make me feel better I don't know. I'm afraid guys will find me ugly because of it. Besides that I love my body. I have reddish brown girl, 5'3, hair to the end of my back, healthy weight, and greenish blue eyes. The only thing I'm insecure about is my acne and makeup. Would this make you not find a girl attractive?


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  • You will definitely grow out of it. My zits were not good either... I still get a zit every now and then - more now than then. Still, boys will find you attractive. This is just one of the tougher parts of growing up.

  • I dont care about make us unless its cake face and acne is no big deal either


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