Girls, I need opinions on hair - where to have and have not?

The only places I've ever shaved have been my face, armpits, and crotch.
Why? Mainly these reasons:
1) hair seems to grows particularly fast there, in my opinion
2) they often itch after they do
3) I am... shall we say "saving it up"?

With the exception of my head, it seems the rest of my hair grows ultra slowly and makes me feel like more of a "man" when it does, being only in my late 20s. Also I have no clue what the dream girl I have likely yet to meet,(let alone ask out), feels about body hair. (let alone the more private areas) I don't want her to need to wait for anything to regrow, but don't want to look like a hairy mess either.

This is where I need you! Where should I shave, and where should I not? Here's some photos to help your opinion. (Also, if I may ask, how do I look all-in-all atm? *blush*)

Girls, I need opinions on hair - where to have and have not?


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  • I say leave the hair as it is! Just trim a little downstairs and you should be fine ^^b No need to go for the Ken doll look.

    • Thanks. :)
      How do you think I look as is atm? ^_^;

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    • Thanks. I always try to be a very friendly person. :)
      I'm hoping the maths teacher part is a good thing? ^^; lol

    • Ahaha It's not a bad thing, in my view.

  • I think hair is great! my boyfriend has hair arms and legs and a little on his chest & I'd be sad if he shaved it. makes him seem more manly and like my little wolf. don't care about the arm pits as long as he uses deoderant. as for downstairs I do prefer and recommends shaving or trimming. it looks neater plus hair holds odor and sweat. keep the facial hair just make it a little neater. i love facial hair. looking cool

  • The body hair is fine, but, lose the beard though. Hairy chests are sexy but facial hair isn't