Is this any attractive body type and what do you prefer?

I'm 15 and have friends who are pretty and also like skinny and I'm not exactly fat but when I stand next to them I tend to stand out a little bit bc Im shorter and slightly curvier. so I'm just kinda curious about what you guys prefer bc they get quite a bit of attention I don't know. I was slimmer when I was around 13 (2 stone (28lbs I think) lighter than I am now and now get very insecure over my current body so I was just kinda wondering what you guys think aha

I'm 5'3 so I'm pretty short lol and I have short legs and s longer torso and I'm not particularly toned although my stomach is kinda flat I don't know. and I think my measurements are roughly 36-27-38, I tend to wear a UK size 8(US 4) in most thinks and sometimes a UK 10(U. S. 6) due to having bigger hips/thighs/ass. Might sound weird but my thighs are shaped like chicken drumsticks (much bigger on top compared to my calves) and my bra size is 34D. I don't exactly hate my body but I far from love and was just wondering if I'd be better off losing weight so I can have skinny thighs & waist but I don't know.

Here's pics for ref

https://tinypic. com/view. php? pic=27zkub4&s=8#. VSqvEoakqJI

https://tinypic. com/view. php? pic=2wcfucm&s=8#. VSqvwIakqJI

/>And what kinda body type do you guys prefer on the opposite sex aha just out of curiosityyy

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  • You're fine! If you want to get into better shape, just workout regularly to tone up and eat clean.

    • Thanks for most helpful!

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  • Nice body.

    Put it away before the pedos come out

    • Contact admins for deleting.

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  • Is that the plus? I have the same phone except mine is just a 6.

    Anyways, I think you look fine

  • you need to stop trying to show off because that's a turn off for a lot of people. especially if u stick ur bum and chest out