Girls, you would date?

Girls, yOu wOuld DAte ?

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  • No.
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  • No , But Maybe One Night Stand
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I'm a Girl
just vote Lol its not like we asking you out :)
thats not me ,, im the one in the profile pic


Most Helpful Girl

  • I'm sorry to say but while he has fantastic hair that i'm super jealous of he looks like he has a difficult personality. Like, he's out with his friends but he's not smiling or looking like he's having fun. I don't think I'd be very compatible with a guy like that.

    • you knew all this from the pic

    • okay he knows that we taking the pic , he is acting taugh , xD u know some people smile and some do duck face and he do that face , thats not how he act in real life tho xD

    • Like I said a difficult personality.

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What Girls Said 3

  • No. Because you keep asking me if I wanna Skype with you. It's annoying me.

  • um don't date online

  • no cos ur too old, sorry and also I have a bf

    • too old xD im only 25 lol plus thats not me in the pic he is friend and he is 20 who just wanted to know what the girls would say plus u could vote he is not asking u out xD

    • I still wouldn't as both of u are too old, u are just trying to trick me into rating the guy who is actually u

    • No im the one in the profile pic tho

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