Why would my ex still find me beautiful?

Why would my ex still find me beautiful?

Yesterday at prom, I showed up looking really nice. Gorgeous makeup and beautiful dress. Well my ex was there and he had a date and they looked extremely awkward that I felt bad. She was just a friend but idc it didn't bother me or I wasn't jealous. Surprisingly! They danced awkwardly and sat. My friends were being really mean calling me and telling me that my ex had a date and I asked if she was pretty and they said she was ugly and big. They told me I looked better than her. by the way I'm not an egoistic person who makes people feel bad about there looks. I think I'm really nice most times. My friend and I walked passed my ex and he kept turning to look at me and was looking at me a lot and my best friend walked up to my ex when he was sitting they're close friends by the way. and he told her I looked beautiful tonight. Well last night. Why does he think I'm still beautiful? We broke up two months ago and dated for 2 years. Why would he call me beautiful?
I know he doesn't want me back although we miss each other and there is still some love left I broke up with him but he doesn't want a relationship with me.
Oh and my best friend didn't ask him how I looked. He just said it.
Those pictures are what I looked like. Excuse my chubby tummy lol

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  • You look beautiful and he should be so lucky. His loss

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