Girls, Check out my profile pic... Do you find me sexy?

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I'm a Girl
I'm 6"2' and have athletic built if that helps.
Lol that was not the response that I was looking for so included a little better picture I guess haha


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  • Is that the only option?
    I find you other things... not sexy.

    Sexy is when someone shows a lot of visual sex appeal.
    Face alone doesn't do it only.
    It's all in the body and persons mannerisms.

    • Ok I'm 6"2' if that helps, with athletic built.

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    • If we know you're doing it... of course we hate it !
      If you're that smooth of a talker it slides right over our heads.

    • ok, now since I've been embarrassed enough can you tell me how can I delete the photo from my profile. There is no option of deleting a pic, there is only the option of changing to custom avatar.

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  • Sorry... your blah.

  • Wth? Lol @ the poll.
    You're good looking, yes. But I wouldn't "fck" you. Lol

    • Yeah even I'm realising that including the poll was a bad idea. But the point was whether you would be attracted to me in a sexual way.

    • Poll wasn't the bad option. But what you wrote in it was.
      You have to understand that women are differently wired. Mentally and physically. When we see a cute/handsome guy, most of the girls are like aww, he's so cute. I wonder if he is a nice person or a jerk- not ". We would like to know him, yes. But not think about sexual things.

    • So like do you find me cute/hot to get to know me?