Do you have a good side/bad side of your face?

do you have a side of your face you like and a side you dont like, at a certian angle, in a certian light etc.. i think im cute on my left side. i dont like my righ as much.


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  • For sure it's my left side

    • left is your good side? im noticing that's how it seems for everyone

    • But I just generally don't take pictures so I don't have to worry too much

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  • Definitely. The left side of my face is MUCH more attractive.

  • well the inside of my eye socket isn't a great angle
    it also hurts like crap to get a camera there!

    • your joke wasn't funny

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    • I just didn't get what you were trying to mean sorry

    • oooh no problem :p
      i was just being a sarcastic dick!

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