What is your opinion on long noses on girls?

I'm not talking long and straight, I mean ones that have a bump in the bridge, are hooked, etc. I've always felt that my nose was too long and awkward for my face and that I should go for rhinoplasty, but is it really that bad? What is your opinion on girls with long noses?

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  • i just don;t care bout nose size basically...;-)


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What Guys Said 3

  • It's a sign of powerful Roman genes.

    Not a problem. A nose is only one small part of a girl's physicality that'd make me attracted to her overall.

    Yours is actually appealing.

  • i ain't going on a date with Pinocchio

  • I got one. Not your caliber, but i got one. I never notice noses. Everyone always said my last girlies nose was crazy. I could see if i thought about it but shit. ain't no thang


What Girls Said 3

  • I think that there is something beautiful and elegant about them. And while all noses have their own appeal (they add so much character, uniqueness, and artistry to a person's face), longer noses have always been especially lovely to me. I am content with my own, but I'd be lying if I said I haven't wished for a longer nose over the years (and therefore, wished that I took after my family members in appearance). They were - and are - what I associated with a classic allure.

    You are gorgeous, Anonymous Asker. Really. Your skin tone is exquisite, your eyes have such a quiet grace to them, your hair color is very complementary, and yes-- your nose is remarkably pretty.

  • The noses that look like beaks. My grandpa has one and it doesn't bother me. Its natural.

  • You have a prominent nose. It does not detract from your beauty. If anything, It sets you apart from the cookie cutter noses that MOST girls have or pay to have. Be you.