Girls, Rate me based on my looks and how I would treat a woman?

Rate 1 to 10 through 2 criteria.

My looks, based on my profile picture.

And how i would treat a woman.
If i had a girlfriend now (i dont) i would treat her as an equal, i would listen to her opinions and respect them, i would be a gentleman and do things like open doors for her.
I would respect her for her decision to have her own career and respect her intelegence.

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  • I like your views, but i don't think you look good.
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  • I think you look good, but i don't like your views.
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  • Your supposed to do those things. You aren't doing anything extra or good by dong that. You are simply doing your duty.

  • Your looks aren't bad like a 6,5 I think. You do have an awful mustache. Trim it or shave it is my advice.
    How you treat a woman. I like the equal thing and how you want her to develop her career, but personally, I don't like it if someone holds doors open for me haha. But that could be just me.

  • You didn't spell intelligence correctly. Sorry, I giggled at that, kind of ironic. I think you're cute and seem sweet but just not a fan of the stache. I'd give you a 7

    I think you seem approachable and have the right attitude! You're cute too

  • I'd give you a 6. Try taking pictures at a better angle! That angle is never really flattering for anyone haha. & also id suggest maybe getting rid of the mustache. just my opinion :) you seem like a nice guy otherwise who'd know how to treat a woman.

  • I rated you only based on your looks. I voted C.
    I think it's easy to talk when you're not in a relationship and we don't really know you. It sounds like you would treat her nice anyway.

  • About a 7 you look a bit over average and how you treat woman is an 8/10 not many guys treat girls like that. Any girl should be proud to have you. Almost like a semiprecious item :P

  • erm about an 8 & how can someones "looks" can tell how they treat a woman

  • Based just on your looks I would give you a 2

    Based on you treat a woman is respectable

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