Guys, have you ever been blinded by a girl's beauty?

But didn't realize how much of a mean girl she could be? you thought she was sweet and nice because you thought she was pretty?

what happened after you realized that?

  • Yes. Then I realized that she was not so sweet.
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  • No/never been blinded by a girl's beauty.
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Most Helpful Guy

  • no because i am always physically more beautiful than them so i am use to it


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What Guys Said 2

  • yea sometimes but after talking to her for a few mins its not hard to figure out what she is all about but most girls i have talked to are not really that mean or they are just good at not showing it

  • no cuz i find inner beauty in girls


What Girls Said 2

  • before my boyfriend met me, he was in a "serious" relationship with this lady for like 4+ years. he said he was blinded by her looks (i do admit she's attractive) and she had put up a good front for a long while. She acted innocent, acted like a hardworking single mom (she has two kids from different fathers). she seemed nice and seemed to have her life together. They were even gonna marry but then he bought a house for them to live together and he realized what a huge mistake he made. he found out she did drugs, never took care of her kids, blew what money she had on looking fake, cheated on him with multiple men, and was just a downright mean and manipulative person.

    Good thing he left her.

  • That would be awesome super power.