What nationalities do we look like?

We were talking about what nationalities do celebrities look like and we started to ask each other about ourselves and we couldn't answer. :))) So, because I just know about this site, deleted my old account because I didn't use it, I put pics with us as the profile picture. :)))
P. S.: What I wrote at the country isn't true, that was the first one that I touched. :))

Okay, O finally found how to update the question. :)) The left one (me :)) ) is half Romanian and half Hungarian and my friend is Romanian. :)) by the way, we had fun with the answers, thanks for this. ^-^


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  • the right one looks like British or a Norwegian to me and the left one, i am not sure but she may be a European too? i don't know... just guessing..

    • Norwegian? Lol bro.

    • i don't know man, just a guess... lol XD

    • Hey @BiscuitesSwag, now would you please tell their nationalities... we're getting impatient here. :p XD

  • Greek-Turkish. Middle-eastern a little maybe.

  • are you Turk?


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