Girls, please post your photos if you think you are sexy , good looking , beautiful , hot , gorgeous and what you think the a guy would rate you?

Well i add stuff about your self . Think of this as Gag top model lol. It just fun. Please make sure we see your face and body ;)

Hello all i was just curious to see what people would do say on here by posting a stupid question and we i did get a few comments and thank you. Was most probably a stupid question sorry for that and thanks for comments and help ;)


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  • Wouldn't it be much easier for u to go on an online dating site?

    • Yeah it most probably would but there to make fakes on there and well i tried that. I suck. Only ever had one girlfriend. You are a beautiful lady i must say :)

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    • U probably live in a different continent anyway:p

    • Yeah i live in Australia :)

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  • Being compared to other girls and rated by random guy/guys over the internet, oh boy does that sound fun.

    • Yes it can be fun. :) i just seeing what happens

    • Maybe i'm just a bitch but i'm tired of seeing questions where competitions are created to compare and judges a woman's beauty. I can appreciate a pretty girl just as much as someone else but stop the competitions, ratings and judgement bullshit please.

    • Fair enough and you not a bitch it was wrong to post something like this.

  • are you using these to wack off?

    • No it was because i was bored but i realize it a stupid question.

  • ... are you serious right now

    • Sure it just fun and i am bored. I dont like been single i want to find a girl that i can spend time making happy :)

  • so you want women to share that much information while you post as anonymous? Show us pictures of your face and body to judge.

    • Haha i know i won't get rated very hi last time i olny got a high as 7 and a average of 6 . So i Keep self unknown for now.