Red blotches on arm fold?

Um yeah I don't know where it came from. I have a history of arm acne. The rest are just scars.
Red blotches on arm fold?


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  • Do they itch or are they painful? None of us are doctors, so I'd strongly recommend you go see a dermatologist if they don't go away on their own within the next few days.

    They don't look bad as far as what I can see in your picture, but you could try some hydrocortisone cream. If you think it's acne, then try your best to keep it clean and don't use too much bar soap, because that can irritate and over dry your skin.

    But, please, so not take what I say as strong advice, because only a doctor can make a proper diagnosis for you.

    • not itchy

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    • Possibly. Try and keep it out in the open (don't wear long sleeves) so it can get fresh air, and maybe try some cortisone cream.

    • I have basketball practice soon

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