I can't decide: lose my glasses (with Lasik surgery), or not?

I'm going through a rough patch in terms of how I feel about my looks. What it usually ends up boiling down to is 'glasses vs no glasses'.

To clarify, this isn't a vague "are glasses good or bad?" question; I know glasses look fantastic on some people, like Richard Ayoade.

This is more of a, "If I feel more confident without glasses, is that worth risking the potential complications of Lasik eye surgery?". I know the success rates are actually pretty high, but it really only takes one or two "my sight got ruined for life" horror stories to make this a seriously tough decision.

It may end up being the case that I have to post the glasses vs no glasses pictures of myself, but this would come dangerously close to one of those rate-me posts... which I've never done so the idea unnerves me, to say the least!

I'd love to hear what people think before I resort to that, though! Cheers for reading.

(p. s. I hate contact lenses with a passion. Let's consider those as being a last resort only!)

*UPDATE* Here's that comparison picture after all. Figured getting some objective opinions would be the fastest route to a decision, and getting out of this rut! http://i.imgur.com/r0i3XqB.jpg


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  • well, I don't know. if you really truly cannot stand wearing glasses, and you can afford lasik surgery then just go for it. yeah its a risk but basically so is any other surgery. find a really good doctor to perform the surgery on you.
    i wouldn't mind if you posted a picture of glasses vs no glasses. i wouldn't look down on you for it. it may help you make up your mind, although it should be up to you and your own taste.

    • Hey thank you for replying. Yeah I'll just post the picture, it's probably the fastest way towards making decisions.


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    • ha you're nice to say so, *blushes*

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  • You look great with your glasses. .. You look great without them! Try to decide whether you're more attractive with or without. . You're gorgeous, with them.. so they don't necessarily have to discard them.. just my opinion lol

  • I've debated between getting lasik, keeping my glasses or wearing contacts. I'm afraid of lasik so that's not gonna happen. Over time I have loved the way glasses make me look but I have had the same frames for over 10 years just black and purple colors. I will be getting contacts soon and new frames. There is such a variety of glasses and I think the wrong frames for your face can make a huge difference.

    • Yeah that's very true about the wrong/right frames making a huge difference. I personally worry that mine are too big and square, jutting out from my face in a way that doesn't compliment my hairstyle (if that makes any sense haha), and also showing my eyebags inside the frames rather than covering them as a smaller frame might.

    • Mine are skinny , rounded, rectangular looking ones lol. It's time for something new but im not with this trend of looking goofy people have been trying to bring back the coke bottle glasses for the past few years now and the really thick frames I hate those too.

    • Haha, no way do I see the coke bottles making a comeback any time soon

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  • I had Lasek (with an "e") performed this past January. I'm really happy with the result. I'd worn glasses and contacts for years, and it's such a relief not having to bother with those. It's funny, though, the first thing I still do when I get out of bed in the morning is reach over to the night stand for my glasses. It's just second nature. I'm not sure when I'll stop doing that.

    • Thanks for the reply, happy to hear it went well for you. Out of interest, was your decision to get the surgery on any level motivated by a desire to be more confident like me, or would you say it was purely for the convenience of being able to see all the time?

    • It was really more about the problems I was having wearing contacts, and the fact that I don't like wearing eyeglasses outside. (I don't mind wearing them inside.) So it wasn't appearance related at all. But Lasek was definitely a life-changing thing for me in a positive way.

  • Don't wear glasses and don't do the surgery, then you won't be able to tell how you look.

    Win-win situation.

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