Girls, How can I improve my looks so girls want to date me?

Please don't say looks don't matter because the truth is they do. You can use my profile picture. For those of you who are wondering one of the girls in my picture is related to me and the other two are her freinds so they don't count as getting attention from girls. Please be nice to me all I am trying to do is improve my looks, also be respectful. I want to be sexy to girls.

Thank you.


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  • I instantly recognized your face... you have a nice face and smile... what would make you more attractive would be if you dressed better (I'm not saying to buy expensive clothes), buy things that you look good in and that your comfortable with wearing (not just something that you like to wear), and just be confident with yourself, walk straight with your shoulders back and chest out (don't look stuck up though) and smile :) (these simple things are guaranteed to make you much more attractive)... you seem to have a nice personality, so no need to work on that :)


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  • Don't like not posting annoymous sometimes... Ok... If a girl/woman can't accept you then she's in the wrong... Personally I go for personality not looks

    • Well I would allow people to post anonymous if people did not abuse it... If I allow people to they will just abuse me... I like what you have to say about her being in the wrong when many girls would be telling me I have to work out what is wrong with myself to try and take the blame off the girl and make it seem like it is my fault. That is often what I receive.

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    • That is what I feel GAG does anyway, they even have a personality type for girls which basically means "I treat guys like shit and am proud of it"

    • From some girls I gathered that, if you want we can PM. :)