Girls, Is My Body Sexually Attractive Too You?

Alright guys i know personalitly etc are very important to attraction but on a physical level would my body sexulally be attractive to you?

https://imgur. com/JSCqIGB
https://imgur. com/7gdqMFy
https://imgur. com/8E8z4lG
https://imgur. com/gjzDhwl

Each to there own so won't be offended by any comments

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  • torso seems fine. I hope you don't have really thin legs though, a well proportioned thin body is better than unproportional muscular body

    • So would you consider my upper body to be muscular?

    • well i think it's decent, just the right amount of muscularity, any addition of muscles would be too much in my opinion.

    • Thanks for answering x

  • Nice body. Personally I would like a little more definition on the abs, pecs, and a nice firm gluteus maximus.

    7-8 out of 10

    • Thanks for answering x. So not perfect but slightly above average would you say?

    • Yes, definitely above average.

  • Seems great to me.

    • Thanks for reply. Question if you had to score me between 1-10 where would you say I currently was? Just want a perspective from the other side

    • Probably 8ish..:)

    • Wow not bad. Thanks x

  • Yes, your are but I prefer a little more meat on a man

    • Thanks for answering. Out of interest do you mean more fat or muscle?

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    • Haha everyone likes something different. But muscle wise would you say I was ok as I am currently?

  • There are plenty of girls who would like your body.

  • Yes, it is.

    • Thanks for replying. Any particular reason for you answer?