Why can't I understand when guys find me attractive?

So if a guy stares, winks , smiles etc. I get paranoid an confused an automatically think why is he looking at me or i look funny.

Bad relationships an childhood as made me shy away from guys these days. Been single a while an i say to myself yeah i want a bf, yet i do nothing about it when guys seem interested.

I do get a lot of attention where i live but i do not like it at all. I prefer to go about my life without it. I know some people may say enjoy it while your young cus when your older guys will be looking at younger generation.

However i honestly wish i didn't have too much attention as it makes me uncomfortable. Not ao long ago i was walking down street. A few guys were walking side my side. About three of them. As i couldn't get past i swerved them.

An the one guy who stared me out said why you scared of man for. It was a black dude. It made me think wow i look like a scared little girl to men then? So what did he want me to do. I didn't wish to talk to him as didn't fancy him an heck i don't even talk to guys i do like :(

I feel like something is missing in my life. Real love would be amazing. I guess after picking badly, i don't trust my judgment of men now. I am 22 an do want kids one day.

So i want to overcome my shyness/fear of talking to possible dates. I like a guy atm. Works at local store. he's tried talking to me but i froze an didn't show how i felt for him. I feel so attracted to him an think of him. I even imagine being closer to him. So i feel like its finally time to break out of my shell an see what happens?


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  • I hope you should prepare yourself memtaly first before talking to him to make your first attempt a success.
    Better try to give at least some clues that you are interested in him, though you can't talk to him straightaway.


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  • I'm clueless when it comes to guys to. Welcome to the club. They say reading guys is easy... Not sure I agree.

    • Same i never am sure they like me but its obvious to some girls :/

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    • Totally and it's always easier to see when it's not us.

    • Yeah definitely true

  • This goes beyond shyness. If you have actual fear when strangers pay attention to you then you have deeper issues. I recommend seeing a counselor. There's no shame in that. Good luck.

    • I get anxiety attacks but i think it's social anxiety disorder. When around strangers, i am. awkward. So very shy. An thanks maybe.