Girls, On a female's scale of a guy's attractiveness, is a 7-8 pretty good?

I'm trying to gauge whether or not 7/10 and 8/10 girls would consider dating me. I've had very minor success thus far in my life with females. I've had a few very attractive girls like me in high school. In college, I've only talked to two girls (both about 7/8), both of which didn't reciprocate feelings (one girl kissed me on the cheek when we first met. I took her out for coffee thereafter, but she stopped talking to me after that. I figured there wasn't much compatibility.)

Some more details:
I believe I'm about a 7/10. I've had two friends say I'm about a 7-8.
I'm pretty shy, but I speak pretty well once the ball gets rolling.
I'm 21 years old and in college.
I'm Asian (this seems to make a difference in girls opinions... tell me I'm wrong.)
I try to dress very well to make up for the physical looks that I'm lacking. (I've also been told I dress well.)



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  • Well 5 is average so anything above that has to be good.


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