How hard will it be to find girls like this who are virgins once they turn 18?

https:// i. imgur. com/mr192Ne. jpg

https:// i. imgur. com/kWb7ujW. jpg

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Would you assume if she looks like this and she is 18 she is not a virgin?


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  • I'm prolly still gonna be a virgin by then

    • You are hot. Waiting for a particular reason?

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    • No you are not

      My partner on the ambulance I work with even said it is ridiculous that people make such big fucking deals out of a 4 year age difference. He dated a 17 year old girl when he was 29 and the relationship lasted 2 years.

    • Oh wait... you mean you are too young for sex. Nvm. Oops.

  • Why would you assume anything? It doesn't matter what people look like, any boy or girl could be a virgin or once was a virgin.
    Why does it matter if she is a virgin anyway?


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  • They may be virgins, who knows. The second one is beautiful, it's very likely that guys have liked her, therefore she may have had boyfriends in the past, which means she may not be a virgin, but who knows. What if she didn't wanna lose it to anyone? What if she's waiting till marriage?

    You shouldn't care that much about virginity, it's not like it defines who a person is.

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