How Can you tell if boys think you're cute or if they think you're hot?

How can you tell if teen boys think you're the cute type or if they think you're a hot girl? What's the difference in how they behave/act/talk around or about you?


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  • Hm... If they act around the girl with a hint of an "aww" face, she's cute.

    If they have a mischievous face, she's hot.

    If there's a mix, she's both.

    • What's an aww face?

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    • Michevious

    • Sounds within the ball park.

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  • If guys think you're cute they'll stare at your face. If they think you're hot they'll stare at your body.

    • What about things they say about her when she's not Around?

    • Well you wouldn't be around to hear it. However they will be saying what they are thinking when they stare at you. "She's cute" or "I like her (body part)"

  • Depends how they are attracted to you. Either way you'll get a deep, but unintentional stare. It may be awkward, but he won't look twice if he isn't interest.

    • What if you two are in the same class? He has to look at you again at some point right?

    • If he's interested, he'll continue giving glances.

  • Check if they have a boner

    • They dont

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    • That wasn't my question though. Lmfao

    • And jokes on you cause I'm not even asking about me... ?

  • I am only interested in cute or adorable. "Hot" just makes me think "easy/slutty"

    • My ex was super hot and a nerd to the bone looking, shy girl.

      And by shy I mean her name is next to the word shy in the dictionary.

    • I would love that kind of girl!

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  • Stare at your face/eyes: they think your cute
    Stare at face/eyes and rest of body:... hot. i guess thats how i see it.