How media pushes women to be a certain way?

I'm doing a research and I need at least 5 arguments
All I have is that media favors women to be thin and how women should behave (like women in jobs are seen as pushy or neglecting their children)


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  • Mate, you should just search for KILLING US SOFTLY 4, download it, watch it, and think about it.

    To be honest, I don't keep track of social expectations. What matters is your survival, and not what society's guideline is for your sex. In fact, I have not watched TV in about 7 years now. Not sure about current state of media, it is all inflated nonsense anyways.


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  • -She should be a great cook, if she isn't a cook then she isn't a woman
    -She should always be the one to quit her job after kids are born (kinda like your point)
    -It's women's main goal in life to find a man to marry (for some reason a woman isn't a woman without a man by her side)
    That's all I can think of right now.

  • The same goes for men


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  • - We should be great cooks
    - We should have big butts
    - We should be a certain size
    - If you don't breast feed you're looked on as less of a mother than those who breast feed
    - Women are bad drivers
    - Women aren't suited to certain roles in the workplace compared to men