Do I look I look ugly/average/attractive?

https:// postimg. org/gallery/34ey4q5ne/d6a8a976/
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Feeling a bit down with confidence atm as I'm 20 but still very raw in terms of having a gf...
I'm also only 5ft 7... is this a problem which I can't do much about


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  • You're not ugly and I'm sure many women wouldn't mind about your height as long as you're taller than we are.

    • Translation, "I mind you height", you are short in general, but many women would date a short guy, just as long as they are taller than they are

    • Stop speaking for women. It's making you come off as more asinine than you already are. :)

      And seeing that the average height for men in the West is around 5'6-5'7, he isn't short. Think a little. :D

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