Guys, What is your ideal girl (physical, personality,...)?

what features do you expect your future partner to have: is she social / introverted/ midde? is she tall / petite? is she blonde or brunette? is she caucasion / asian/ African / mixed? is she outgoing/ shy?

and if you have to pick one from the pool below : )

  • (for furture wife) i prefer: a white caucasion girl, blonde hair, blue eyes, tall (5'8-5'9) and curvy, social and outgoing
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  • i prefer: an Asian girl, black long straight hair, black eyes, short (5'2-5'3) and petite, introverted and shy
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  • i prefer: a black girl, black curly hair, black eyes, medium height (5'5-5'6) and slim, flirty and outgoing
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  • Social/Caucasian/intelligent/petite/unbearable smile/a certain feebleness.


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  • Why is the poll so specific? I'd go with A but she doesn't have to white

    • Good point...

    • They say man like women with the same race as they are, like white guys like white girls, seems like that

  • A sounds like a home run!