Girls, What do guys think on stretch marks or cellulite on thighs, hips or stomach?

I wanted to know if guys cared if girls had stretch marks or cellulite because girls can be very self conscious and I was wondering if guys either cared if girls had them, if they werent really bothered by it or if it depends on how much or what they look like.

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  • I have stretch marks from being pregnant. No-one has ever noticed unless I pointed them out and no-one has ever cared.

    • Some people dont even know what stretch marks are, and once they'd commented on it on a private conversation my cousin and I were having and I felt offended as they'd made it seem as if I was the only one who had them and normally I dont care for comments like that but she honestly looked disgusted at my stretch marks and I found it rude at how she had reacted. But I guess some people have different views x 😊

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  • Only the shallow guys care. I have imperfections, but my husband loves me for me. Don't make yourself crazy and think you need to be perfect. Perfect is fake.

    • I honestly am happy with how I look right now I was just wondering if guys had negative or positive attitudes towards this topic and to help girls around my age who care about self image x ☺

  • i have stretch marks on my thighs and hips, and i used to hate them. I dont love them, but i dont really care too much. They're just marks, even Victoria Secret Angels have them, (and guys really dont care.)

    • I have stretch marks on my thighs and hips, and half the time I really don't care about them but sometimes I do when I see that no one else has them but then I just say whatever and get on with them.

  • Never knew it's possible to have cellulite on the stomach :O