Girls, Would you be interested/date me?

Well... I'm 16. 6ft2. like 140+ lbs. Quite skinny/lanky. Check out my avatar to see my head. dark brown eyes (had to fix red-eye in avatar so it looks weird). I brush my teeth once almost everyday although i'm trying my best to get into the habit of practicing proper oral hygiene. i shower almsot everyday.
I'm quite smart, i think. I have an overly anylitcal and logical mind. i like to debate and talk about controversial subjects. i read books sometimes. i'm interested in science, engineering, politics, cooking, tv shows and movies. unfortunately i'm struggling with depression and anxiety atm so i haven't got a lot of interests or hobbies. i'm thinking of going back to martial arts classes. i did go to college but had to drop out because i was mentally fucked up, but i'm better now, i think. i'm trying to find volunteer work just now and i'm planning on going to college again soon. but atm i mostly just sit around and smoke weed (i'm trying to quit weed and cigarettes). i've successfully quit ecstasy though so i'm proud of that :)
i'm really socially awkward, especially around girls. i'm really shy but i think i'm slowly getting better at handling myself in social situations. my sense of humour is hard to understand and describe but i can be really funny.
i don't know what else to say. if you want to know anything else about me then please ask.
would you do anything with me? be honest please.
also, i'm not a fuckboy, i would just want a best friend that would let me go down on her. lol

okay, i'm just gonna make a briefer question as soon as i am able to disconnect from this one.


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  • Awww. Yeah I would be. We can work together. But oral hygiene is a must.

    • I haven't got gross teeth just slightly yellow. If I had someone worth brushing my teeth for then i would practically be a dentist

    • Yeah but your breath will stink.

    • Yeah, good point. but like i said, without a crush or partner i haven't got an incentive to brush my teeth as much as i should.

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  • Yea i would nd its really awesome that ur tryin to stop smokin but by the way YOUR HAIR LOOKS AWESOME!!! got me jealous over here lol but yea i would how r u 16 nd have already been in college?

    • haha thanks. I love having an Afro tbh lol.
      Well, in Scotland you can leave academy (high school) as soon as you turn 16 so yeah :)

    • Oooooh woah ur from Scotland!!!

  • The way you describe yourself I'd love to :)... Its very swell that you are trying to stop smoking and its impressive that you have been to college... But how if you are 16? :)

  • You sound rad! I'd date you

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