Girls, am I handsome, cute, cute but not your type?

Girls, am I handsome, cute, cute but not your type?

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By the way, this is just for experimental purposes. I do not care.


Most Helpful Girl

  • You're not a bad looking guy but I do not find you attractive. Doesn't mean others won't though :)

    • Mature response. Go and treat yourself to something nice. For 20 years old, you're behaving like a true adult.

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    • And those are the people who won't have any successful relationships! Thank you for the MHO :)

    • Don't thank me for the MHO. You deserve it. I don't know you personally but I can tell that you're a very intelligent, mature, well rounded, secure girl. Well done. I hope you embrace yourself and love yourself. Because you're fantastic

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What Girls Said 4

  • Not my type.

    • Thanks for your mature and honest response. This question is done as part of an experiment for my own personal development.

  • You have amazing green eyes!

    • They're blue but change with light. Thanks.
      Thanks also for not being petty and saying things like eww or you are totally ugly.
      This post is an experiment for my own personal development

  • D not my type period

    • Ok but it's just a question. No need to be or appear to be rude, it's really immature

    • Not being rude just giving my opinion, which is what you asked for...

    • apologies. Smileys communicate a lot more than written words

  • u didn't give us an option of not cute