The positivity compliment thread! [Picture thread] ?

Everyone is so quick to tear each other down in this world, and everyone has so many insecurities that it'd be nice for people to feel great about themselves !

So I thought why not have people post a picture of themselves, WITHOUT saying 'it's me in my profile pic' haha! Take the time to post one people ! πŸ˜‚

And then the following poster can pay that person a genuine compliment, then post their pic and so on..

But now I've gone to start this and although I really like the idea.. Now the first post is awkward because it's like I'm fishing for compliments hahaha!

Whatever haha! :)

The positivity compliment thread! [Picture thread] ?


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  • I liked your hair eyes and lips very much.

    This is me.
    Sorry, YourFutureEx is enigmatic.

    • @BelleGirl21 enjoy the view.

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    • My lovers <3 ? I know me and you have a bit of bromance and I've got one stalker (I can't name her because she might be watching) but I don't really have any lovers (unless they're lurking lovers)

    • @doomguy - No excuses.

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