Girls, Would you be interested in me?

I'm 16, 6ft2, 140lbs (i think), quite skinny/lanky, dark brown eyes (had to fix red-eye so they look weird in avatar). INTJ personality type. i listen to rap, hip-hop, rock, house, grime, reggae.. i haven't really got a favourite genre. i like to read, browse internet, debate, watch movies and tv shows.. i haven't got a lot of interests or hobbies though because i'm recovering from depression and anxiety. i'm interested in politics, science, martial arts, music and some other stuff to, i guess.
i did go to college but had to drop out for personal reasons, but i'm going back again soon to study Mechanical Engineering. atm i'm looking for volunteer work just for something to do.
i'm quite shy and awkward, especially around girls but i thinik i'm getting better at socialising. i'm a total virgin, only gone as far as a french kiss (only once when i was piss drunk) and spooning. i smoke weed but i'm trying my best to quit smoking but i have "cannabis dependancy" so that sucks.
i take personay hygiene quite seriously, i shower almost everyday and i brush my teeth at least once every day (trying to get into the habit of brushing twice everyday). if i had a crush or partner then i would have an incentive to be even more clean though.
so, would you do anything with me?

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i made this question yesterday but it wasn't as good so i made a new one.
I should've mentioned that I'm from Scotland so I can leave school at 16. That's why I was in college so young


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  • Only 17 and you've already been to college? It's ok if you didn't finish. You're still Highschool age and have plenty of time to go back.
    You sound like a good catch for girls your age.
    But if I were you I'd start working on my shyness.
    That's a start !
    A lot of girls are old fashioned they want a guy to muster up enough courage and approach them.
    Sure you'll get rejected at times, but it's worth a shot.
    IF you stand back and wait for things to come to you, chances are It will never come !

    Also, you're 6'2 and 140 ?
    That's severely underweight.
    Improve your mind and body.
    Start improving your eating habits.
    Eat larger quantities, drink protein shakes, and exercise for good health.

    When you look better, you'll feel better.
    This will help you in your overall confidence.
    Continue furthering your education, doing well in life also impacts your self esteem in a positive way.

    • No, in Scotland you can leave secondary school as soon as you turn 16. And I did because school wasn't good for me so I went to college instead to further my education.
      I am working on my shyness but it's more than that, it's social anxiety so that makes it a lot harder to face my fears. I'm making progress too, I think
      I try to but because I smoke weed too much, I have a Lack of motivation to exercise and eat heaps more than I need to. Also I'm what's known as a "hard gainer"

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  • The weed threw me off the train right away. I'm from Colorado, I refuse to have anything to do with that shit. And you are really skinny. And I suggest getting hobbies, it will keep you busy.

  • Not ma type but it seems like lots of ladies should love u

  • It's a definite maybe, from what you describe you sound intriguing.

  • Why the hell do perfect guys have to have a hamartia? Weed? Seriously? Urgh

    • I'm trying to quit. I really am. You really think I'm perfect? 😁

    • Kinda... You love to do all the stuff that I like and you sound really nice. :P

    • Well, thank you I suppose. Thank you for voting and giving honest feedback:)

  • Now I feel fat, because you're 6'2; 140Ibs and I'm 5'1; 140Ibs :)

  • You sound awesome, I'd definitely date you,

  • Kind of creeped out because you kind of look like one of the last guys I was crushing on. Some of your description is a yay some is a nay but, Ig it would depend on I don't know like personality how we got along

  • oh yes I would like you, but I wouldn't prefer a guy who is too thin.. but according to your description you would be a nice guy

    can you also help me here? thank you

  • You sound pretty similar to myself, so yeah aha I probably would do 'something' with you aha