What do you guys think about my body?

The people who dare to do this have bodies of goddesses so I'm just curious too (as to me, I don't have a goddess-like body), what do you guys think about my body? Be honest, I'm also ok with brutally honest.

lol, I have not the boobs for the bra I'm wearing


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  • I know I posted this on your new one but I figured I give you a clearer message on this one. our body looks really good. It's at the point where it's perfect (right between skinny and over weight) . I bet you still have some more growing to do, but during that time be yourself. Don't Let other people words get to you and don't worry about it. If you were closer to my age I would definitely consider you! Besides attractiveness is bsased on personality. So be your self around everybody, oh be surprised how far that can take you. Just be the best person you can be and have fun with life. I hope this helps! The moral of this opinion is that your body is perfect and people will like you for you (your personality and heart) not your body. I like I said I really do hope this helps.


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