What do y'all think of my new avatar?

It's a new dress I got yesterday... curious on what y'all think of it.


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  • Dress looks good but the girl filling it all out looks even better


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  • like the dress, but you look really good in it- i dont think i could pull it off like you did aha

    • I bet you could! What makes me pull it off well if I may ask?

    • awh thanks-- but i like it on you because youve got the prefect curves for it... if you were like stick straight, the dress would look plain and not nearly as nice
      plus, you've got a fair complexion, which the dress compliments nicely :)

  • Love your dress! You're looking so pretty :-)

  • Pretty dress but i have always loved that style on slim girls.
    I feel like it makes thicker women look even bigger than they are.

    • Well I'm sorry you think I'm fat

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    • I'm only insulting you because it's what you clearly asked for !

    • You were already insulting me when you were calling me "thick."

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