Guys, What would you rate Toya out of a 10?

Guys, What would you rate Toya out of a 10?

To me, she's got that BBM "Bad Bitch Mentality". Aside from her silly relationship with "You Know Who", she's got it going on.

This Louisiana Native, now located in Atlanta is an author, hair stylist, and businesswoman who has also had her own tv show. She's very successful and a practical role model. She is also the mother of one and ex wife of two stupid cheating A-holes (one in the pic above). Who'd cheat on this? She's independent and good looking. She's also sweet yet fiesty.

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My definition of Bad Bitch Mentality was referring to that she was sexy and independent. I wasn't calling her a stuckup hoe


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  • she looks good in these pictures I'd give her a 7.5, I just wish she didn't have tattoos.


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  • Without all that makeup and styling, baby a high 4. She is not the m9st appealing women to me and isn't on my listen of preferred women:/

    • I thought she only had makeup around the eyes and lips, but I understand

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    • Lol ahh. Well that doesn't sound bad. Most people will add points just for that

    • Lol I shouldve said something earlier

  • Legs are too short. Thighs and butt too big. Just my opinion. Cute face though.

  • She has a "Bad Bitch Mentality", so instantly a 1.

    • Okay maybe I should not have said BBM. My defintion of that is different from other peoples. I meant that she was independent and sexy. I didn't mean the bad stuckup tyoe

    • *type

  • Cute, but not my type at all