How much Money do you make?

How much money ($$ US Dollars) do you make in a year? Don't answer if you aren't going to be honest.

  • Unemployed / Student
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  • $15K - $25K (hourly: $7.5 - $12.5)
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  • $25K - $45K (hourly: $12.5 - $22.5)
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  • $45K - $55K (hourly: $22.5 - $27.5)
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  • $55K - $65K (hourly: $27.5 - $32.5)
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  • $65K - $95K
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  • $95K +
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Most Helpful Girl

  • Last year I made $87,000 and freaking pissed that I have to pay $7,000 in taxes >:( I'm a CCRN so I make $43 per hour but it took me 7 years in college to earn that I wish it was more but I'm okay with it.. for now

    • MHO selected for specifics, being really beautiful always helps too

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  • Well I made ~$5,000 last year after taxes, at my part time job as a bag boy. I worked in 2013 too but not the whole year, and I'm working in 2015 too.

    And I know where $3,000 went, but the rest must've just been spent on food and other random shit.

    • I spent a ton of cash frivolously when I was your age, I wish I would have saved/invested more than I did.

    • I don't have a debit card or checking account so I'm wondering if I would've saved more if I did have a checking account. Cause I get all my paychecks in cash...

      I spent $60+ this past week, mostly on food and drinks and I don't know what else. It's hard.

  • funny that you ask this question in the how do I look section because a lot of women (not all) determine how attractive a man is based on how much money they have. Interesting...

    • wasn't by accident lol, bey observant

  • Currently a college student, part time job pays 15.25 an hour. Working 16 hours a week, so that's (52.1775*16)15.25, which equals 12,731.31 per year before taxes.

    • That's a pretty solid student-part time job bro!

    • Yeah, I'm glad I refused to apply to any fast food jobs. After my financial accounting class my freshman year I got a job on recommendation from my professor at a local accounting firm doing bookkeeping.

    • Accounting lol. I have two bachelor degrees. One is Acctg. I hate accounting Lol. Got me into my career now, so definitely keep at it it's a wonderful, wonderful degree.

  • Still looking for a job. Ugh.

  • A dollar an hour is good enough for me.

  • Roughly 20 000€ p. a after taxes, which is very good by local living expenses. I spend about 450€ on bills per month, so I get to keep over 60% of my salary.

  • I went from making 75k a year to absolutely nothing. Stupid spine. Where's sub zero when I need him to adjust my back.

  • about 5 thousand dollars an hour

  • I won't say exact salary but it is tax free and just north of $100k

    • Hey man, got any coke on you?

    • @puma31
      Hahaha good one but no, I work in Defence

  • Not enough to get a girlfriend

  • Well I am in the process of taking out a massive business loan for my start up so I am in the hole quite a bit at the moment until the income from the contracts start rolling in.

    • PMed you

    • Okay. I'll message you there.