Do people enjoy being rated or is it reassurance?

I'd never have the balls to do it or a reason, really. There are alway people who will give the lowest rating just to be mean, and sure they may be being honest but I really don't think anyone would ever "be a one". ANd even if you get a lot of "8-10s", most people will only dwell on the negative comments/ratings. I've never seen an upside to it realy and am genuinely curious as to why people do it. I might even end up doing it after some opinions haha (but not really)! I've noticed their either insanely attractive, of average attraction, or are younger than 18. And I'm not saying anything about people that do it, more power to you, just wondering why. I feel like it's because I'm mostly a negative person I don't see the positive side to doing it, if there is one.

  • Reassurance/Insecurities
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  • Genuine Curiosity
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  • Enjoy being rated (Essentially positive reassurance)
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And do you guys think it's dangerous? Like it may cause more insecurities, or it would be beneficial and uplifting?


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  • I think it depends on the person. Some people have a legitimate insecurity and others are just looking for compliments and attention


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  • i think it's a bit of both, but i agree, i dont see y a bunch of internet randoms make all the difference with regards to self esteem.

  • I think it is because in your general life people don't just walk up to you and tell you point blank what they think about your appearance. Even if you are able to realize that you are physically attractive everyone want reassurance. I think people do it mostly as a confidence booster. I think they just want to be complimented, and it is one of the few situations in which you an basically set yourself up to be showered with compliments (even if it backfires sometimes).

  • If it were to do it it'd be out of genuine curiosity to see how other people view me lol. go for it girl!