Should I feel bad, Everyone says I look different in a good way with makeup like really good. But without makeup I'm just plane jane?

I look better with makeup sometimes I get jealous of myself with makeup because without it I'm not as beautiful. I don't know what to do. And I don't want to wear makeup all the time because I'll know I only get compliments because of the "fake-up"


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  • I always assume that girls wear makeup for themselves. That it makes girls feel better about their looks. If you feel better without makeup (since you don't want to wear it) then don't wear it. People can say what they want. You can take it personally if you want but I prefer you do what feels best for you. Don't do something you don't want to just because people prefer you do it. There is nothing good about feeling uncomfortable about yourself just because others think you should do that.


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  • Who cares? Are you doing it in hopes of finding a hot guy? Then let me tell you that the pretty fake up look will only get you one night stands. Men like their permanent women to look natural. If it's not to find a guy, who does the opinion of strangers matter to you? Do you realize just how much dirt and filth there is outside you step out your house? Just look at people. They all look like rabid dogs that crawled out the trash, and gosh knows what's going inside their minds, or whether theyre good people or not. Their opinions are irrelevant.