Guys, Describe your perfect girl physically?

Physically what does your perfect girl look like?


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  • I prefer lighter skin, but doesn't have to be a typical white girl. Sarah Shahi has Spanish (Spain, not Latin America) and Iranian heritage but she's light skinned and she is hot as hell (though her ass could be better in my opinion, would bang her anyway). Tanned skin can be nice too but I prefer her to be a bit lighter. I am white but I'm a bit darker than many other white men.
    I prefer her to be shorter, I'm 6' so I'd like her to be under that at least.
    Eye colour does not matter.
    Hair colour should be black, brunette or blonde.
    Long hair.
    Skinny but still having some curves and being toned. A nice ass (I love it) and some boobs (does not have to be huge though) will be great.
    No abs.
    Good looking face, not just cute, either hot/sexy or just pure beautiful.


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  • To be highly specific:

    -slightly shorter than me (5'4'' - 5'1'' ish)
    -B cup breasts (You could consider that kind of large for a girl of this description)
    -Blonde or brown hair, long
    -green or blue eyes, I don't really care about eye color that much, but all of my family has brown eyes and a change would be interesting.
    -petite, smaller in frame.
    -sporty, toned and in shape. Just no abs. That weirds me out.

    Also, cute>hot

  • Beautiful face
    Blue eyes
    Long, dark black and straight hair
    Pale skin
    Tall and curvy body

  • Beyonce
    Megan Fox
    Scarlett Johansson
    Jessica Alba

    It should be a good body and just enough of facial symmetry to look presentable.

  • She should be cute... I dont mind if she is not hot enuf.. but cuteness is must for my girl... physically she should be scarlet johansson

  • Beautiful face, pretty eyes, nice long hair, great legs, tall, sporty, dominant, assertive, self-confident ;)

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