Gibson SG or Epiphone SG?

At Guitar Center today I looked at a real sweet used Gibs sg for $450 and then tried a used Epi sg for $99; only dif as far as i could tell was the epi sounded a bit dirtier and gibs was more refined in its sound.


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  • Gibson is a brand that has been around since the 50s, and many pop to rock to reggae to any genre, prefer these brand guitars...

    they have decent pickups, which have a fat and rich saturated sound,
    Only thing they hard a bit harder to play...

    Ephiphone on the other hand is basically a scaled down gibson, ephiphone was actually started in the 60s, by greek man named ephiphone who used to work for gibson but made his own company and was bought out by gibson, they are lower range guitars, but still sound good...

    It's important to note that slash of guns and roses uses a ephiphone les paul

    • but gibson overall has been the sound of rock legends such as ac/dc, black sabbath, queen, and many more

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    • Noel gallagher also uses an epiphone casino...

    • so does zakk wylde of black label society

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