If your Personality was tattooed onto your Skin, what would it look like ⚓?

I always think of how much we measure each other up by our looks, right until we discover what one's personality is like.

But imagine if even that was visible, and I mean flaws and all.

-Your thoughts
-Your best qualities
-Your weaknesses
-Your emotions

Would it look beautiful? Or would you want to hide it?

Would it be in pictures, words or patterns?

Post a picture if you like. I'd be interested to see that.
If your Personality was tattooed onto your Skin, what would it look like βš“?

What would your story look like?


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  • People are probably gonna make assumptions but well.
    I want the Eye of Providence on my upper back to symbolize my pursuit for knowledge of all that can be known and understood.

    The Fibonacci spiral on my right deltoid to symbolizes the golden ratio of all in the world to remind me to always maintain that balance.

    The hourglass on my left deltiod to remind me of the eventuality of my mortality and the unkind flow of time.

    The penrose triangle on my chest to remind me that things may not be always what it seems.

    • damn... now i really want tattoos... I need someone to take me to a parlor lol

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    • Naaah my left buttock already has the storm of uranus on it and THAT IS NOT A JOKE.
      I LITERALLY have a birthmark that looks like that.

    • :O u r Uranian...
      ok... ur right buttcheek, unless that has something to do with Jupiter on it. then all hope is lost.

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