What are your opinions on love handles?

Okay so I want to know exactly what guys think of love handles and if they precieve them as turn offs. I'm 5"4, very curvy, not fat but not too skinny either and have love handles which i've always been insecure of. I just want to know how big of a deal it is for guys for a girls to have them.

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by the way my love handles are not big, you can only see them when i'm wearing something super tight, and as far as my weight

Shirt size: small
Pant size: 3 (small)


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  • It's hard to give a proper opinion based off of words. If we saw an example of the type of love handles that bothers you it would be easier. Generally speaking it's not a big deal, but there is a level where it starts being a turn off.


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  • love handles are usually not a big deal. But your interpretation of whether you are fat, skinny, or something else may not be the same as other's interpretation.

  • Its all a matter of preference. Some guys find skinny women, attractive. I, myself, like a bigger girl. Nothing against skinny women, just to me, I find bigger women more attractive

  • They don't bother me, I think a little bit of chub is cute on girls

  • i don't mind..

  • I dont knwo who you are but I gota a particular set of skills and I will find you and I will fuck you XD a little humor to say no

  • Well at least you're shorter than me ^___^

    If you got love handles like this saulmd.com/.../...e-handles_patient_002_before.jpg
    then I personally dislike it but if it's more like this fthefreshman15.com/.../lovehandles.jpg
    (you have to pinch it to see it) Then I don't mind.


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