Am I short or something?

Ok this is weird especially since I was extremely short in my high school days like 5'2'' or something, I did shoot up to 5'10'' but still feel so short barely average in a third world country like India, i even doubted if i was actually 5'10'' but i check the stadiometer its always between 177 and 178 so i guess it is so. Does this mean i would be a complete midget in the west (don't consider scandinavian) like USA or europe?

P. S- we have had foreign exchange students in our college one of them was greek and other was french and they were both around the same height as me if not a little shorter, so yeah very confused.


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  • 5'10 is not short!

    • I have never traveled abroad, looking at the tourists, its pretty variable really some tall some normal some short, but its you guys from out there who can actually let me know because i do plan to go there someday and don't want to feel like an elf he he. Thank You

    • Haha you have nothing to worry about. 5'10 is like the perfect height to most girls.

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  • Fuck you...

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