What's your idea of the perfect guy?

skin colour
eye colur
what he's into
is he muscular
dick size
hair colour
hairy or not
you know things like that


Most Helpful Girl

  • Height: 5'10
    Skin color: White
    Eyes: Blue
    Sexual humour, online trolling, spending ALL HIS TIME WITH ME AND NEVER GETTING BORED. Travelling, exploring, SEX, real deep romantic shit..
    Muscularity: Very thick biceps, with a GORGEOUS Y shaped figure. Subtle V-line; defined abs with nice firm man titties. Fine tight ass, but not TOO muscular, with a nice shape. I don't like calfs that look too muscular, they look odd to me; and it's the same thing with thighs. I just want them to have a nice meaty shape, but not all bumpy and mumpy.
    Dick size: Hehe, I'm a virgin so I don't know what will fit me best. Maybe 8 inches, because I just find the idea of a big dick thrilling.
    Hair color: Black.
    Hairy: Only subtle facial hair from time to time.


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What Girls Said 8

  • height: above 5"%
    skin colour: white or black
    eye colour: black hair, black eye brows, black eyes
    into: religion, taking care of older family members, helping disabled people
    muscular: no, he is slim
    dick size: small and thin
    hair colour: black
    hair or not: somewhat hair
    religion: jewish / christian / buddhist or Muslim
    education: graduate degree

  • Height - 5'8 or taller
    Skin colour - white - tan
    Eye color - any , but eyes that change colors are really cool
    whats he into - me ofc lol , sports , video games , books, anything really as long as it isn't super bad
    muscular - six packs , strong enough to easily carry me , pretty muscular ( but not anywhere close to body builder or anything like that)
    dick size - averge I guess
    hair color - I personally don't like red but anything else
    hairy or not - trimmed leg , arm , armpit hair. Little happy trail. Everything else pretty close to hairless
    intelligence, funny , sweet , kind , just all around good person , and they truly like me (:

  • taller than me
    black or brown
    brown or black
    I want him to be into the gym because I am, and I want him to be an outdoorsy, fun type
    He's muscular, but not too much.
    anything over 4 and a half inches
    doesn't matter
    He has to have good table manners (MASSIVE turn on when a guy knows how to eat like a gentleman) and if he's dedicated to me and only me, (no checking out other girls) I'll marry the guy. Hmmm that last one's pretty impossible, huh?

  • height- taller then me of course lol
    skin color- light brown
    eye color- brown
    what he's into- music, singing, traveling, hiking.
    muscular- he just needs to be in shape
    dick size- average
    hair color- black/or dark brown

  • Height:5'7 and above
    Skin color: just don't be egg shell white (no offense to anyone just my opinion)
    Eye color: blue, green/hazel
    What's he into: sports preferably baseball, football or basketball
    Muscular:yes but if you can pull off a slim look I don't mind
    Hairy: definitely a NO
    Dick size: 5 and above
    Hair color: brown

  • Height: above 5'7
    skin colour : tan or white
    eye colour: green or light brown with thick black eyebrows
    what he's into : sports and helping out
    is he muscular : muscular but not body builder
    dick size: don't care about this at my age
    hair colour: light brown, brown or dirty blond
    hairy or not: not

  • Height 5 ft 8in to 6 ft 2in
    White or nice tan
    Blue or green ( I'm a sucker for blue eyes)
    Music Books (smart guys)
    Just a little
    6 in at lest
    Can be hairy prefer not but as long as its neat
    I have a thing for bad boys tattoos lip rings
    but not to crazy.

  • 6'0 or taller (I'm 5'11 )
    Don't care about skin. All races are attracrive to me
    All eye colors are cool
    He is into music, art, animals. Likes new experiences and travelling. Has good sense of humour
    Not very muscular, fit
    Don't care about haircolor
    Not hairy

    Isn't clingy, he can also have his space.

    But I mean, these aren't requirements

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