Please rate me?

Can't believe I'm asking this, but my curiousity has finally gotten the best of me haha. Please be honest.

Please rate me?

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  • Dude I don't rate by numbers but you are handsome... But I have one suggestion, I feel that you are on the skinny side, so I would say you need to hit the gym... (If you want of course)

    • Yea I've been meaning to, I'm just super busy atm. I used to be very fit but that was a loooong time ago lol

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  • No homo. You have that suave/nerdy look. It's not a bad thing. Plenty of ladies dig that. Not sure on number rating. Something between 6.5-7.2 probably.

    • Thank you :), yea I am nerdy and I'll be the first to admit it haha. I wouldn't be where I am today if it wasn't for that.

    • You make it look good man. There's the neckbeard nerd look (almost everyone repulsed by this), the geek nerd look (some laugh at it others like it), and the suave nerd look (the best looking nerds.)

    • hahaha thanks, I know which ones you're talking about too. I care about looking good so I'm pretty careful.

  • British Teeth/10

  • you have a strong chin and the kind of curly hair I like to run my fingers through when a guy is blowing me.

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