Most of the girls asking about their appearance are attractive, in contrast to the males?

Why is this so? Honestly, this section is SWARMED with hideous south Asian men trying to build a little self esteem because they can't get nothing in real life. They're literally infecting this site like vermin.

Just pisses me off to see so many pretty girls asking most of the questions, and actually being HOT; where as the men who ask the questions are actually unattractive..

It seems women have a bad perception of beauty, where as men damn well know how ugly they can be, LOL.


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  • I would have to guess it's women like you who are destroying these men's self esteem. So it's your own fault now deal with it.
    Also that last line was the most hypocritical BS I've ever heard in one post.

    First you say that you're sick of hearing about men with self esteem issues because YOU deem them to be hideous. Then in the next paragraph you say that women have horrible self esteem issues because of what men are saying about them.

    Do you see what you type or did an infinite amount of monkeys get a hold of an infinite amount of keyboards?

    • No no no.. I like seeing them insecure. The part that pisses me off is that only the ugly fucks are insecure, while the beautiful girls are insecure too.

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  • I'm not even trying to be rude or insult you but you actually sound like a lesbian in denial who is taking out all of her frustration on random guys on the Internet

    • I'm not at all. I just have high standards, and am so jealous over the amount of hot women there are in comparison to men. Just walk outside, and freaking count them.

    • It honestly sounds like you're more interested in women than men and there are just as many ugly women as there are ugly men. Also, hot girls ask how they look on here and good looking guys usually don't because girls typically enjoy getting attention and compliments more than men do and, from my experience, girls tend to be a bit more insecure about their looks than men are.

    • Well, overall I do happen to appreciate feminine beauty more. I just don't want to shag it, which is rather awkward. It just saddens me to see so many pretty girls insecure.

  • lol dumb as lesbo

    • I wish I were a lesbian. <.< Then I wouldn't have to deal with the immense rage of knowing I'd never get a hot male, because a man who doesn't look like he grew in a stenching pile of decomposed faecal matter is FUCKING RARE.

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    • I know. Still, since men do it more they are less moral. They're vermin, tbh.

    • lol there less moral that makes no sense now where vermin what happen too you im really wondering

  • I've seen some pretty ugly girls ask if they were pretty on this site. I would say it's an even mix. And some of the guys asking are pretty good-looking too with muscular bods. So it's an even mix of attractiveness levels from both genders.

  • Your just jealous because we can manage without makeup.


    • If that were the case, I'd be jumping up and down in joy. I WISH the male gender was more attractive than the female one. PLEASE. Make it REAL. It fucking bothers me so much... You get all the beauty to fuck.

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    • Sounds like you need to get out more.

    • Oh no, that only reminds me of the cesspool races that I are corroding this area. The last thing I want to do is take a glance at their ugly mugs.. Pisses me off.. I fucking curse under my breath every time I see those rotten skunks.

  • Haha you're ugly as fuck, aren't you?

  • i have fetish being abuse by white woman. i am indian. message me

    • Eww. Nasty little creature.
      Also, I'm not white, I'm arab, and I'm sick of your race's disgusting existence and your unappreciated attention.

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    • How about being gutted? Got a fetish for that too? I'll take part.

    • you wanna hurt me. i like it. so rough with me hehe

  • A fucking retard lesbo...

    I am sure you are damn ugly... hahaha

    I know no hot guy gives you shit that's why you are frustrated.

    Beauty is something subjective and we don't want to be mean with girls all that is what happen when some average looking girls ask this question.

    Most of them are just average for sure.

    • You're right, I am ugly.
      No hot guys give me attention, because they DO-NOT-EXIST.
      There are plenty of ugly shitholes from your gender that win stunning women over by boosting her self esteem with a few pathetic "kind words."
      But men are ruthless when it comes to beauty.. An ugly woman could never win a hot man over with nice words.

    • Hahaha get your eyes checked up.

      There must be a thick layer of shit on your cornea.

      Do it asap and world will be a beautiful place for you.

    • Loooooool, judging by all the dirty cysts I see in my shabby area, and everywhere else, that's probably fucking true. Literally can't tell the difference between a turd on the floor, and your average every day male.

  • I have yet to see a truly hot girl ask a rate me question.

  • " infecting this site like vermin. "

    Nothing like revealing your racism. What a pathetic person you are.


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  • That's hilarious! Maybe you just find all the girls attractive