What should I do to make my eyes look great?

My eyes are always dull. The eyeballs look pale and red most of the time. Is there any tips/home remedies that can be easily done in this busy world to get those white glowing eyes?
Please don't suggest a doctor as my eyes are okay it's just the ways they look.


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  • Get good quality of sleep. Plus it might just be in your head. Have other people actually said your eyes look dull?

  • You should try eye drops. You can get them at any pharmacy.

  • sleep, drink water, eye drops
    do you have dry eyes? that might be a problem

    • How to know if I have dry eyes? I guess no as I never felt it.
      If yes then what to do?

    • If you have to rub them a lot, they feel sore, and you blink quite a bit... even if you feel a sudden urge to tear up for no reason
      generally I'd say eye drops is a simple solution, but a more natural way is to hold a warm, damp washcloth to your eyelids/eye area, and move your eyeballs (when theyre closed) for about half a minute. They won't just magically stop being red right away, but it should be better after a few minutes
      Hope this helps :)

  • correct amount of sleep
    drink enough water throughout the day
    eye drops
    eat healthy

    • sleeping 7hr min
      drinking 2-3L/day
      not eating fast food/high carb/high fat
      What drop should I take? any name?

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