Girls, Do these clothes look good to you?

Some prolly know i already asked a similar question. But i really think this style looks really good. But what do girls think about wearing this. Is it attractive, a turn off, or just a usual look. Girls, how does it look to you? Give me your fashion advice.
Girls, Do these clothes look good to you?

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Thanks for all the advice!


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  • I'm to be 100% honest with you. It's way too tight and you need a looser shirt unless you were trying to show off your guns and abs... the pants are way to tight especially for its style the only pants that should ever be that small are skinny jeans.

    And personally I don't really think red is your color/suits you try orange, blue, green, black, grey burgendy, navy blue, and honestly red cab work just a red that's no where near that bright and more pale.

    • But if that's your style stick to it... I would personally go with Ed Sheerans style it suits him and he kind of reminds me of you

      Here's some examples of what I mean the colors go well with him and his clothes aren't super tight:

    • Lol. If i had guns i would show them. But no, i thought the red went well with the black. And i pretty much always wear jeans that tight, and thought a tight shirt looked better with the pants, it all seemed to come together perfectly. Lol. But alas, my choice of tight jeans fail me. But yeah, its my style, so its how i roll. And thank you for the fashion advice =]

    • Yeah I completely understand stay true to yourself and thanks for MH :)

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  • i dont c the style. it's jeans and a tee, both possibly a little too small. going a size up would be best imho.

  • The clothes look okay plus the red shirt suits you, but they look too tight.

    These clothes look good, neither too tight nor too baggy:

    But wear whatever makes YOU feel comfortable :)

    • Yeah, most people say they are too tight. I could go for a bigger shirt, but i gotta stick with girls tight jeans. Love em, dont know why. Girls dont, but thats ok. But yeah, a bigger shirt is a good opinion. I thought this one just went well with black jeans. Plus tight shirts make it difficult to move your arms certain ways. Thank you!

  • Incredibly too small

  • i am going to be honest.
    it looks okay, but I think you should wear a size a little more bigger

    but that's just my opinion
    if you feel comfortable
    and great with what you wear!
    keep it like that :)

  • Its too tight

    • My pants must be tight enough to cause me pain, when they are painful to wear, they are just the right size 😉

    • Lol. Hahahahhaha

    • Hey, i like em skin tight. Sometimes I wear my girls jeans that have a little extra baggyness. But tight is better, maybe doesn't appear better to the girls. But hey, the tighter the jeans, the more girls i have checking me out, mostly cause they think its weird, but i dont think about that part =P

  • I've seen this guy in another post before. He likes crushing his groin into girls jeans for some reason. Why does a guy want to wear something that obviously is really painful for his nuts? But you look ridiculous dude, wear something that is made to let your groin have some space? Girls jeans dont have room in the crotch for anything to be there, your having to cram everything in and smashing your balls, how bad must that hurt? The shirt looks fine to me, but I feel sorry for a guy who chooses to wear jeans that causes him pain, how do you walk?

    • I am not going to argue with you. But yes, i like wearing girls tight fitting jeans, and yes the crotch part of them is a little tight, and i like it better than baggy jeans with huge zippers. Wearing them isn't painful, it hugs my groin and keeps it place from just moving around, i dont like the feel of mens jeans, not even mens skinny jeans. Girls feel better for me, and the crotch is better. So stop making dumb comments, if you wanna be a bitch about it, just go away...